Daniel DillardApril 17, 2015

How do I use this site?

It’s easy! Just select your brand in the dropdown of the search, and start typing either model number, or series in the search box. For most brands, the best way to find the watch you’re looking for is via model number. However, for many brands (Omega, Tag, Rolex, ML, RW, and others), we’ve also associated searchable meta data e.g. “Planet Ocean 8500” or “Aquis 40mm.” We’re adding new meta data every day and hope to have all our models associated with good searchable meta within a month or two.

What types of watches do you not have pricing for?

Vintage watches. Generally any models before ~1997…we’re just not there yet. Our aim is to perfect the simpler, easier indexed and priced modern models – and have a separate guide for vintage.

I see pricing for a model that you haven’t indexed any watches for. What’s the deal?

For many brands, our parsing algorithm has associated “similar” watches that relate closely to the model in question. Example: You may have searched for a watch that comes in a number of bezel colors, and we’ve indexed some from another color. Chances are, the pricing for the two will be fairly close.

What’s the “Confidence” score given to each model?

The more data we aggregate for a given model, the more accurate, and subsequently more confident we are about the prices we advise. Since a price guide covering 40,000 models would be essentially impossible to maintain daily manually, we’re relying on an imperfect data model to determine pricing. But if IBM can make their Watson super-computer finally identify pictures of cats, over time we're confident we can get very, very, close with our data model.

With only a small amount of data, there can be some fairly strange pricing estimations, so we like to offer the caveat of confidence so people don’t think we’re crazy for suggesting a ceramic No Date Sub is worth a couple hundred dollars. Ha!

Speaking of confidence, your pricing is wayyyyy off for ______ model. Can you change it?

Of course! We want to react as quickly as possible to bad data. If you come across something that doesn’t look right, feel free to contact us. You’ll be surprised at how fast we fix it.

Why do some forum listings link directly to a model and others have ‘possible matches?’

Indexing watches is incredibly complicated. Associating user generated listing content with specific models is even tougher. Often forum listings contain model numbers – and when we have a match, we can pair it up with its associated model in our system for pricing guidance. Sometimes, however, we have to make an educated guess (again automated) as to what the model may be. We usually get pretty close with our possible matches, but when we don’t we have the search widget readily accessible for you to search for exactly what you need.

I see you have “new” condition retail listings. Are these legit?

These are what we consider “grey market” listings. Unlike other industries, grey market watches are usually from trustworthy non-authorized dealers. This means your watch will be in new, unworn condition and carry a warranty provided by the retailer instead of the manufacturer. The listings in the ‘new retailers’ section of the site represent trusted retailers with whom we’ve previously done business.