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SecondHanderApril 16, 2015


SecondHander.com is an automated real-time used watch price guide and marketplace. We’ve indexed data on over 40,000 watch models and our library is growing daily. We also have a "forum feed" that provides a current and historical searchable listing of private seller forum classifieds and provides quick access to cross-referenced pricing data. Finally, SecondHander.com aims to provide great blog content to help watch lovers navigate the secondary watch market with help tips, reviews, and guides.

Why did we make this site?

As a serial watch flippers, and obsessive collectors, we have always had an eye to the pricing of the secondary watch market. Like most collectors, we found ourselves enduring the obligatory research steps when attempting to determine valuation for our watches both buying and selling:

We’d search the eBay sold listings to get a decent idea of value, we’d search the active listings to see how overpriced all the available listings were, and we’d attempt (mostly in vain) to find examples that were previously sold on the forums. Nearly every time, however, we’d forget one of these steps. We’d forget to check grey market dealer specials or pricing. Or we’d remember all these steps – and take a really long time visiting all the sites.

So we thought about creating a tool for personal use.

In the process of building a crude tool, we realized that there wasn’t a reliable price guide in the industry – as if the watch consumer space is the last to be touched by technology. This realization led to our building a product for everyone to use.

Pricing watches is a daunting challenge. The nuances between models, trims, and even color can drastically impact valuations. And we felt like no one had tackled this challenge because it takes a special kind of watch nerd to write an algorithm to distinguish the valuation of an Omega Planet Ocean 8500 vs a 2500 or a Z serial Rolex vs a Random serial. Without building something that was capable of being that granular, across most all models, a price guide is essentially useless.

So this website represents the price guide we always wanted, but was never built. It just happens that we not only love watches – but have a combined 20 years of data-driven software experience with specialties in web development and UI/UX.

Yes, we obsessively read Hodinkee, ABTW, and other blogs every day. We post in the WRUW threads. And we've fallen prey to getting sucked into a debate regarding Omega vs Rolex. It took being true lovers of watches to realize that a site like this even needed to be a thing.

Our aim is to react quickly to user feedback and provide a world class user experience that is constantly evolving and improving.

Our hope is that this site helps you find your next watch, at a great price, and that you’ll wear it in good health!