Used Watch Market Outlook - Omega Speedmaster 3570.50

Daniel DillardJune 27, 2015

Here at the SecondhHander, we realize there are many other sites reviewing watches (and doing a really good job of it). So we thought take a different approach by reviewing watches through the lens of the used watch market. We’ll tell you how a watch is trending, if it’s being offered at a good value, and what price targets you can expect. We hope you enjoy!

Even though it's widely known as "The Moon Watch", Omega has been making versions of the Speedmaster long before we even landed on the moon. Its history and popularity is well documented. And if the 'what should I buy' threads on the forums are any indication of what's popular among WIS, it's likely you have at least considered adding one to your collection.

The Speedy hits that rare and coveted sweet spot of horological significance paired with styling that's managed to stand the test of time

Classic design with utilitarian functionality

Secondary Market

While you may want to go to the more vintage route with a 145.012, we're going to focus on the more modern 42mm 3570.50.

Omega has made some many variations of the Speedmaster, the options can be overwhelming. And the new 9300 Speedys look and feel fantastic. But we wanted to focus on the one that has a design true to the original as well as the manual wind 1861 movement

We'll save the crazy Schumacher Speedmaster review for another day.

Good Availability

While these aren't going to be as ubiquitous as the smaller automatic cousin, the 3510.50, it's still not hard to find a 3570.50 across a variety of channels.

Moderate availability has kept the prices relatively in check. But this model is starting to get a little vintage on it - and the wide variance in year model will lead to a good bit of volatility in pricing.

Given the potential wide gap in age on these, a buyer needs to make sure and do his or her homework on one they are considering for purchase. Get the serial number if there's no warranty card and see if you can get a manufacture year. Ask about any movement issues or service history. The 1861 is crazy reliable, but it's certainly worth leveraging no service history or an older year model in the product cycle to your advantage. Our current price guidance is $2672, but the range on this one should actually be wider. Consider an upper end to be around $3300 instead of our current suggestion of $3099.

Flippers can turn this one really easily at market price, as it is a pretty coveted piece by a wide audience. But given this model's popularity, it may be hard to find one at a bargain price, so making a profit is going to be a challenge.

Long Term Outlook And Collectability

If you wan't the highest collectability, you need to find a 321 movement Speedmaster. But of the more modern offerings, I'd say the 1861 is going to prove more collectible. History seems to smile on model reboots that stay true-ish to the original. Various 'sides of the moon' and thick co-axial movements might showcase the best in modern engineering, but I don't think they'll prove as collectible as a manual wind Speedmaster. The 3570.50 may dip a little in price before it begins a long term upward trend. Either way, the market is great for someone looking to pick one of these up for the long haul.

Used Price Target


Est. Price Range

$2360 - $3221



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